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News from MCDPEL

Mid-Career alum Marion Wilson was selected to present in the Administration, Advocacy and Policy, Instruction and Assessment track.  Her workshop was titled Wise and Critical Feedback as a Stimulus for Achieving the College Dream.  Her work was titled, Wise and Critical Feedback as a Stimulus for Achieving the College Dream.  Workshop participants engaged in a critical analysis of key college and career readiness standards.  Participants left with a toolkit of strategies to support positive academic behaviors that will impaction the instructional outcomes for African American students.  

Marion Wilson is promoted to the Deputy Superintendent in Staten Island, District 31.  Dr. Wilson’s 20 year career in education has been in both public and charter school systems in New York and New Jersey.

Dr. Wilson brings an extensive knowledge and expertise in curricula, pedagogical, and assessment designs, conducting PPOs, school reform practice,  turnaround leadership, data analysis, and adult learning theories.

Congratulations to Dr. Wilson as she continues to serve  and support school leaders, teachers parents and students in the Staten Island community.  

Mid-Career alumni Stephen Bournés presented at the Power School EDGE Conference “Bringing Together the Brightest Minds in K-12 Education,” February 25–27, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. His presentation was entitled “Repurposing Central Office to Support School Turnaround,” and he also served on the conference’s Transformational Leadership panel.

The conference, "Reimagining Independent Schools; Tearing Down Wall, Building Capacity, and Designing our Future," was held February 27-March 1, 2019 in Long Beach, California.

The conference, “Effective Leadership Creates Success," was held February 14-16, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Mid-Career alumni Carol Kelley, Randy Ziegenfuss, and Bolgen Vargas were selected to present in the Focus Zone-Administration and Leadership with Repositioning Educational Leadership: Inquiry-Based Approaches to District Leadership.

The Jackson, MS School Board recently named Mid-Career alum Errick Greene as their next Superintendent. WAPT News Jackson reported: “Dr. Greene comes to Jackson Public School District with a wealth of experience providing leadership on some of the most challenging urban education reform assignments in the United States over the last decade” said Dr. Jeanne M. Hairston, President of the Jackson Public School Board of Trustees.

Mid-Career alum Stephen Bournes presented his research at the 2018 National NABSE Conference in Baltimore, MD. Mr. Bournes’s topic was Transforming the Underperforming: Principal Perceptions of Support in Turnaround Schools.

This groundbreaking volume encourages today’s educational leaders to reposition the way they think about leadership and its challenges. Experienced school and district leaders reveal how they conceptualize their roles; how they learn by posing and solving problems of practice; and how they cope with increasing expectations and complexity in their work.

Dale Schmid will be honored at the  2018 National Dance Education Organization National Conference in San Diego, CAThis award is presented to individuals who have made vital contributions to the dance education field.

Mid-Career Alum Sherry Coleman was selected as a partner for Storbeck/Pimentel.

Dr. Coleman will expand the independent focus at Storbeck/Pimentel.