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Join a select national network of experienced educational leaders from public and private sectors, P-12, through an intensive, cohort-based, 3-year program.

  • Practitioner, inquiry-based focus
  • Lifetime access to program supports
  • On-demand access to writing, research, and social media coaches
  • Executive format classes meet one weekend a month

News from MCDPEL

This groundbreaking volume encourages today’s educational leaders to reposition the way they think about leadership and its challenges. Experienced school and district leaders reveal how they conceptualize their roles; how they learn by posing and solving problems of practice; and how they cope with increasing expectations and complexity in their work.

Mid-Career alumni Stephen Bournés presented at the Power School EDGE Conference “Bringing Together the Brightest Minds in K-12 Education,” February 25–27, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. His presentation was entitled “Repurposing Central Office to Support School Turnaround,” and he also served on the conference’s Transformational Leadership panel.

The conference, "Reimagining Independent Schools; Tearing Down Wall, Building Capacity, and Designing our Future," was held February 27-March 1, 2019 in Long Beach, California.


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