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The network of students and alumni of the Mid-Career program is made up of 325 education leaders working in 27 states and four countries.

Mid-Career alumna recognized for doing more with less

When Stacy R. Gill-Phillips, GRD’10, started a preschool in 1990, she thought she was just taking a brief hiatus from her corporate career as a business analyst to ensure a high-quality early education for her children and others.  

The Faces of Philly's Educational Future

Noah Tennant could have easily avoided the challenges of city schools, having spent more than a decade as a school administrator in the upper-crust New Jersey towns of Westfield and Haddonfield. But one day, while visiting his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, a colleague took him to see Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia, a new male-only charter high school in West Philly that had opened in 2007. Inspired by what he saw, Tennant left the suburbs in 2011 to become principal of Boys’ Latin. 


While every career is a journey, some cover greater distances than others.

Christopher N. Steel, is a 2009 graduate of Penn GSE’s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. Any way you slice it, Steel’s career has been far-flung and exhilarating.

Open Education interviews Michael Gomez, Principal, Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School

We saw a need to serve urban students, especially students from families that are struggling socio-economically. We wanted to reach out to these students and tell them that if you go to our high school, you will be accepted into and graduate college. It is a bold statement that no one was making and we wanted to start a school that could make that statement.

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