Penn GSE | Mid-Career


Our Staff

Michael Johanek

Senior Fellow and Director

Kathy Rho

Associate Director

Rona Rosenberg

Assistant Dean, Executive Programs

Martha Ford Williams

Program Coordinator

Candace Logan

Program Coordinator

Joe Mazza

Leadership Innovation Manager

Heather Curl

Mid-Career Network News Editor

Jenny Janovitz

Alumni Coordinator


Our Network Leaders *

  • Eric Bernstein, Associate Director, Penn Educational Leadership Simulations Program
  • Joe Mazza, Manager, Mid-Career Innovation Lab Associates
  • Kathy Rho, Editorial Manager/Editor, Leading From An Inquiry Stance (LFIS) practitioner research series
  • Brandon Wiley, Forum Director, Global Education Forum
  • Mid-Career Ambassadors
  • Mid-Career Alumni Advisory Group
  • Mid-Career PELS Associates and Fellows, including peer reviewers
  • Data-Informed Inquiry coaches
  • Year Two Benchmark Exercise panelists
  • Admissions Interviews facilitators
  • Annual EdCamp Leadership volunteers, site leaders
  • BackchannelEDU podcast contributors
  • National Conferences reception hosts
  • Study travel organizers and participants
* Leaders and roles for active initiatives only