Penn GSE | Mid-Career


Our Staff

Michael Johanek

Senior Fellow and Director

Kathy Rho

Associate Director

Rona Rosenberg

Assistant Dean, Executive Programs

Martha Ford Williams

Program Coordinator

Heather Curl

Mid-Career Network News Editor

Joseph K. Jackson

Program Coordinator

Carmen Delgado

Alumni Coordinator


Our Network Leaders *

  • Eric Bernstein, Associate Director, Penn Educational Leadership Simulations Program
  • Kathy Rho, Editorial Manager/Editor, Leading From An Inquiry Stance (LFIS) practitioner research series
  • Brandon Wiley, Forum Director, Global Education Forum
  • Mid-Career Ambassadors
  • Mid-Career Alumni Advisory Group
  • Mid-Career PELS Associates and Fellows, including peer reviewers
  • Data-Informed Inquiry coaches
  • Year Two Benchmark Exercise panelists
  • Admissions Interviews facilitators
  • Annual EdCamp Leadership volunteers, site leaders
  • BackchannelEDU podcast contributors
  • National Conferences reception hosts
  • Study travel organizers and participants
* Leaders and roles for active initiatives only