WHAT IS IT? Twitter's new "Periscope app" lets you stream live video broadcasts over your iPhone (not Android yet) so people can watch what you’re watching in real time.

HOW HAVE EDUS BEGUN USING IT? Create, discuss and share ideas and events using this Twitter hashtag (below). 

Finding opportunities to "try out" Periscope:

  • The next #PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chat) will take place on Wednesday night, 4/1/15 at 9PM EDT. The conversation, which typically happens using a series of 140 character Twitter messages will also be offered using the Periscope app. Simply download the app and @Joe_Mazza will tweet the link at 9PM EDT using #periscopeEDU.
  • Check out a new Google Doc resource where educators are sharing ideas on how they might use this medium. Credit to 8th Grade teacher Sarah Thomas for creation of the doc. 


  • There are any other ideas being drafted. One you will see soon is a NEW Google+ page where teachers can list upcoming opportunities for students and educators to join a planned #periscopeEDU. 

If you have questions, please reach out via @MCDPEL or @periscopeEDU. 

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