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US DOE Office of EdTech Director to School Leaders: "I'm Not That Tech-Savvy" No Longer Acceptable

Posted by Joe Mazza

2/16/15 3:55 PM

Today, we took 10 minutes to talk with Richard Culatta, Director of the US DOE Office of Educational Technology in Washington, DC, on the new #FutureReady effort - specifically to understand the vital role school and district leaders must play. Hear Richard below on the latest @MCDPEL Podcast.

The Office of Educational Technology (@OfficeOfEdTech) provides leadership for transforming education through the power of technology. OET develops national educational technology policy and establishes the vision for how technology can be used to support learning.  OET supports the President’s and Secretary’s priorities by:

  • Promoting equity of access by ensuring all learners are connected to broadband internet.
  • Supporting #FutureReady educators and a robust ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Leading cutting-edge research in learning analytics and data to provide new types of evidence and customize and improve learning.

The #FutureReady effort (linked here) builds on the momentum of the President’s ConnectED Initiative with the launch of the Future Ready "Pledge" for School Superintendents. The pledge recognizes the importance of building human capacity within schools and districts for effectively using increased connectivity and new devices to transform the teaching, learning and leadership. 


Superintendents from districts across the country have been signing the pledge, demonstrating their commitment to work collaboratively with key district stakeholders to set a vision for digital learning, to empower educators through personalized professional learning, and to mentor other district leaders in their own transition to digital learning. More resources can be found below and on the Office of Ed Tech's website.

About the Future Ready District Pledge
Read and Sign the Pledge
Download the Future Ready Pledge [PDF]
Future Ready FAQ


5 Conversation Starters on #FutureReady School Leadership

What is the role of school leadership programs to model #FutureReady components inside the teaching and learning of coursework and experience for students, faculty and alumni?

What shifts in expectations and mindset must school leaders make to allow us to understand the complexities they are acting within?

How might leadership simulations and scenario-based podcasts offer school leaders a window into the decision-making process in these and other areas?

Why will this effort prove unsuccessful if the district superintendent delegates the work to someone else on his/her staff who is more "tech-savvy?"

Where can you find support in this area? What hashtags would be good to expose stakeholders to to identify trailblazers and those who have been researching in this area?


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