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Saturday Commons: New Nat'l FCE Framework Revealed by USDOE

Posted by Joe Mazza

4/14/14 12:18 PM

During the Saturday, 4/12/14 Saturday Commons, we discussed the new National Family & Community Engagement Framework rolled out by Dr. @Karen_Mapp (Harvard GSE) during last week's National FCE Conference in Ohio. U.S. Secretary of Education @ArneDuncan introduced the new Framework using the following video: 

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Finding a larger audience, social media implications for higher-ed

Posted by Joe Mazza

3/1/14 7:11 AM

Mark Hoffman is the Assistant Executive Director for Educational Services at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (@BucksIU22) and current MCDPEL doctoral student. He was in attendance for MCDPEL's LIVE Global #SATCHAT in mid-February. Here are a few of Mark's takeaways.

Our professors had just upped the ante. They informed us that the next two assignments would be written for and shared with the entire class. In other words, we were no longer writing for just the two of them. In addition, they told us that the writings would be aggregated into a single document for easier distribution and that work would serve as the basis for ongoing classwork; there would be no other assigned readings. In short, we were now tasked with writing our course textbook. While there may have been some initial sense of apprehension or insecurity, I would argue that this experience serves as one of the greater unifying forces in our time together as a cohort of learners. While we had been together as a group of students for some time, exchanged in hundreds of hours of conversations, shared countless inside jokes, and bonded over our shared adventure in higher education, we had never actually shared our academic work with each other. How ironic.

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PAESSP President Talks Future of Ed/Leader Preparation Programs

Posted by [email protected]

2/24/14 11:02 AM

Dr. Bill Ziegler is a high school principal and President of the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary/Secondary School Principals. He was in attendance for MCDPEL's LIVE Global #SATCHAT hosted here on the PennGSE campus. Here are a few of Bill's takeaways.

It was so good to have the University of Pennsylvania’s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership host the nation’s largest weekend chat on education #Satchat. As I attended the chat, I was encouraged by the collective ideas to strengthen teacher and school leader programs. I was especially inspired by Penn GSE’s, doctoral student, Khalilah Harris, as she spoke about the need to engage African American students in the educational system.

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