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Supporting School Leaders in Conversations About Race

Posted by Joe Mazza

12/19/14 4:22 PM

The following resources for school leaders have been curated over the last few weeks from Georgetown University, DC Public Schools, national media outets as well as the weekly Wednesday night #PTchat (Parent-Teacher Chat). Included are links, podcasts, videos, curriculum and reflections aimed to support adults committed to facilitating conversations that evolve child and adult perspectives.

#PTchat Podcast w/ Dr. Robert Simmons - Chief of Innovation and Research, DC Public Schools

How Teachers Can Talk To Students About Ferguson and creation of hashtag #FergusonSyllabus

Liz Collins & Dr. Marcia Chatelain, PBS Newshour

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Resources created by Dr. Robert Simmons and team - DC Public Schools



#PTchat Archive on Talking to Students About Ferguson w. Dr. Marcia Chatelain

Institute for Educational Leadership (@ielconnects

Full #PTchat archive can be found here.  


Other relevant resources? Please share them in the comment section below for other teachers, parents and school leaders. 

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