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#SharedSolutions - PennGSE & SD of Philadelphia Partner for School Improvement

Posted by Joe Mazza

11/18/14 4:11 PM


Last week over 100 participants, including principals, teachers, administrators, school staff, researchers, central office staff, and community members came together over at the School District of Philadelphia for a late afternoon conference entitled Shared Solutions for School Improvement: Developing a System of Excellent Schools. The conference brought together several faculty and staff members from the Mid-Career Program including Harris Sokoloff, Elliott Weinbaum, Sigal Ben-Porath Christopher Pupik-Dean, Joe Mazza and others to discuss the SDP's Action Plan v2.0 and strategies for improving public education in Philadelphia.

Key insights from the conference are being posted on the partnership website located at www.gse.upenn.edu/partnership. LIKE the partnership Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SharedSolutionsPartnership.

The Shared Solutions Team (led by Tonya Wolford (SDP) and Laura Desimone (Penn GSE), Kirsten Hill (Penn GSE), Kati Stratos (SDP), Adrienne Reitano (SDP), and Project Managers is dedicated to connecting research to policy and practice. Contact them at [email protected]. Follow and connect using the hashtag #sharedsolutions on Twitter. 

A few pictures from the conference:


The Shared Solutions Panel included Grace Cannon, Debi Durso, Stefan Feaster-Eberhardt, Reginald Johnson, Chris Lehman & Kim Newman. 


Following the panel discussion small groups gathered to discuss the six strategies (below) outlined in Action Plan v2.0, and share ideas as well as successes and challenges:

Strategy 1: Improve Student Learning

Strategy 2: Develop a System of Excellent Schools

Strategy 3: Identify and Develop Exceptional, Committed People

Strategy 4: Become a Parent- and Family-Centered Organization

Strategy 5: Become an Innovative and Accountable Organization

Strategy 6: Achieve and Sustain Financial Balance


SDP Superintendent Dr. WIlliam Hite (@SDPHite) kicks off the #sharedsolutions mini-conference between the School District of Philadelphia and PennGSE - "a partnership can provide evidence of what works."

Topics: Innovation, Leadership, Family & Community Engagement (FCE), School District of Philadelphia, PennGSE, Assessment, School Budgets