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New "Scenario-Based" School Leadership Podcast Series Launches 3/2/15

Posted by Joe Mazza

2/4/15 5:07 PM


Over the past few weeks the NEW Innovations Lab at @MCDPEL has been used by students, faculty, staff, alumni and most recently high school students debriefing their STEM presentation from #EduCon. 

The role of the Innovations Lab will vary from lens to lens within the MC Program. Aside from building connected capacity across the students, faculty, staff and alumni, the goal is to leverage today's emerging technologies (podcasting, social media, video, etc.) to innovate in the area teaching, learning and leadership. One exciting project that will launch next month is called BackchannelEDU, a weekly scenario-based podcast based on connecting research to practice across the educational space and involve real roles, real leadership scenarios complete with real voices from the field, cutting across race, gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality. Social media will be embedded throughout the process as school leaders around the world will be encouraged to “backchannel” reflections stemming from each episode throughout week using #backchannelEDU on Twitter.

This new, interactive “podcast series" was inspired by the viral Serial and This American Life podcast series from WBEZ Chicago. Follow @backchannelEDU on Twitter and subscribe to the weekly text alerts via Remind here


To get a better idea of what this might mean for your "on the go" reflection time, take a listen to this 90 second audio trailer below. Look for opportunities to submit real school leadership scenarios soon. 

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