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[LISTEN] Authentic Learning in the Digital Age - Engaging Students Through Inquiry w/ SLA Teacher Larissa Pahomov

Posted by Joe Mazza

1/20/15 4:36 PM


We sat down with teacher Larissa Pahomov (@Lpahomov) to discuss what educators and school leaders can learn from her new ASCD book, Authentic Learning in the Digital Age - Engaging Students Through Inquiry. Pahomov teaches students English and Journalism at The Science Leadership Academy (SLA), an inquiry-driven, project-based, 1:1 laptop school considered to be one of the pioneers of the School 2.0 movement. Larissa has been published in NCTE's English Journal and is a contributor to the National Writing Project's Digital Is website. 

How can school leaders support this authentic learning in the digital age? Larissa details how her school principal, Chris Lehmann, has supported staff in this area over time. The book also has detailed “making the shift” sections to help educators transition from current practices as much or as little as their environment allows.

One more fact - 100% of her book's profits go directly to @SLAnews

If you're attending Educon (in person or virtually) this weekend at SLA, you can learn directly from Larissa as she will be facilitating a session on her book (Link). As well, past MCDPEL presenter Jose Vilson will be in attendance to present The Privileged Voices of Education with Audrey Watters. 



Here at Mid-Career, all three cohorts of doctoral students will be on campus in session this weekend, so we'll be streaming Educon sessions along with the #educon hashtag outside the @MCDPEL Innovations Lab. 

To connect further, follow Larissa on Twitter at @Lpahomov and find her website at LarissaPahomov.com.

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