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Educators in the Public Square - An Evening w/ @SamChaltain

Posted by Joe Mazza

9/30/14 3:07 PM


LIVE LINK: http://upenn.adobeconnect.com/pennedchat/

When: Saturday, October 18th @ 6:30PM EDT / 3:30 PM PST

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 6.45.58 PM.pngWhere: PennGSE's Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Ed Leadership, 3440 Market St, Philadelphia, PA-5th Floor Conf. Ctr.

What: Schools are in the midst of their biggest structural shifts in over a century -- from school choice to blended learning. But how clear is our vision of what the ideal schools of the future actually need to look like, and how are we supposed to get there from here?

Educator and writer Sam Chaltain believes that before we can realistically envision what ought to be, we need to become much clearer about what is. His newest book, Our School: Searching for Community in the Era of Choice, explores that is/ought tension via the yearlong stories of two public schools in DC -- one a brand-new charter school opening its doors for the first time, and the other a neighborhood school that first opened its doors in 1924. Join him, along with several of the educators whose journeys he chronicles, for a wide-ranging conversation about leadership, systems change, and the challenge of reimagining education for a changing world. The evening will focus on three guiding questions:

  1. What do schools need to start, stop and keep doing in order to reimagine themselves for a changing world?

  2. Is public education best understood as a public or a private good?

  3. How will the roles of teacher, principal and student need to change in order to survive, and thrive, in the schools of the future?

Format: The event will be available both LIVE on location AND virtually as we will stream content. Twitter hashtag #pennedchat will be encouraged as an active backchannel during the event for local and global participants.

Who: Open to all local school leaders as well as students, faculty and alumni of PennGSEā€™s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. Register online by October 15th here.


Topics: Leadership, Network Outreach,, social media,, Personal Learning Network, school choice, blended learning