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Archive: MCDPEL Partners w/ ASCD to Discuss Leadership Implications to Whole Child/Whole Teacher

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3/20/14 7:10 PM

Earlier today, the MCDPEL host it's monthly #pennedchat Twitter conversation in partnership with ASCD's Whole Child Initiative. The conversation took place from 8:30AM-9:30AM EDT, immediately following the weekly #satchat conversation, previously hosted at MCDPEL last month. For those not on Twitter, many followed the conversation at http://twubs.com/pennedchat.

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PAESSP President Talks Future of Ed/Leader Preparation Programs

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2/24/14 11:02 AM

Dr. Bill Ziegler is a high school principal and President of the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary/Secondary School Principals. He was in attendance for MCDPEL's LIVE Global #SATCHAT hosted here on the PennGSE campus. Here are a few of Bill's takeaways.

It was so good to have the University of Pennsylvania’s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership host the nation’s largest weekend chat on education #Satchat. As I attended the chat, I was encouraged by the collective ideas to strengthen teacher and school leader programs. I was especially inspired by Penn GSE’s, doctoral student, Khalilah Harris, as she spoke about the need to engage African American students in the educational system.

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Future of Teacher & School Leader Prep Programs - LIVE #SATCHAT Conversation

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2/15/14 2:59 AM

Since September, the @MCDPEL program has hosted a global conversation around various leadership topics using the #pennedchat hashtag. Today, we'll partner with the largest ongoing weekend education conversation in existence -- #Satchat. Today's experience was not only designed for current students, faculty and alumni, but for anyone passionate about the future of the field of education. The topic is The Future of Educator and School Leader Preparation Programs. The event's video stream is archived below and features influential educators, current students, alumni, professors and school leaders joining physically and virtually from around the world. Also, scroll to the bottom to see the Top 50 Tweets from the morning conversation.

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Apps for School Leaders

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1/11/14 6:34 AM

Last month during Saturday Common's we held a school leaders' "App Smackdown." The word smackdown comes from the EdCamp experience where at the very end of the day, participants of the "unconference" meet all together and volunteers can share out their greatest takeaways and resources from the day's sessions and interactions.

Below are 5 apps (w/ links & description) mentioned by those in and outside the MCDPEL during our school leaders' "App Smackdown."

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Literacy in Leadership

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1/11/14 6:08 AM

Below is a recap of last month's @MCDPEL's #pennedchat conversation on Leadership in Literacy.

Literacy is vital to the life of any school. School leaders, then, must function as instructional leaders, helping the entire community function as a community of practice, working together to study, develop, share, and learn from state-of-the-art methods for teaching reading and writing. Members of a school community need to function as action researchers, keeping a close eye on students’ interests and progress, and engaging in collaborative inquiry to accelerate the learning curve of everyone in the school.

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Creating conditions for action and then ACTING!

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11/24/13 8:03 PM

@MCDPEL Cohort 7 graduate Eric Bernstein (@BernsteinUSC) shares his reflections from a recent #pennedchat conversation on imagining solutions for today's educational leadership challenges.

In education leadership, an oft-cited deficit is our tendency to “admire the problem,” the implication being that we talk a lot about it—but that’s where we get stuck. As I reread the conversation from the November #PennEdChat, it became clear to me that our conversation suggested two things: 1) indeed, we need to act; but 2) we need the conditions necessary to support action.

First, we should acknowledge, as @Joe_Mazza suggested, that we may actually “need to admire [problems] a bit to examine [them in] depth before moving forward.” In fact, Jennifer Botzojorns (@JenCESUVT)went a step further to distinguish between different types of problem admiration, that “whining” is different from “critical analysis” and that we may often mistake “acknowledging and mapping problem[s]” for complaining about something incessantly, without any real intention to act.

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Just what kind of an educator are you?

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10/28/13 9:44 AM

@MCDPEL Cohort 11 Student Khalilah Harris (@Ed2BeFree) shares her reflections from a recent #pennedchat conversation on educational branding.

Often times in education it seems leaders, at times, take on a persona dictated by their environments. I’ve heard the range in perceptions including their school is a great school, therefore, they are a great leader to the superintendent or board really likes them, therefore they a great leader, to their test scores or college admissions rates are high and therefore… you guessed it, they are a great leader. Unfortunately, when I probe into just what kind of leader they are or what exactly makes them or their school stands out from others, I receive blank stares or a question about what I mean. If school leaders are going to have meaningful impact on the lives of the people around them it is important they are reflective and intentional about where and how they implement their educational practice and philosophy.

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George Couros on the Power of Connectivity at #EdScape

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10/24/13 6:30 PM

Last Saturday, I spent the morning up at EdScape, a conference put on in New Milford, New Jersey. The conference attracted over 400 students, teachers, principals, superintendents and community members participating in these 35+ sessions on connected teaching, learning and leadership. If anyone is interested in notes, slides from particular sessions, use the comment section below.

A highlight of the conference was the keynote address given by my friend and connected colleague George Couros, a Canadian educational leader who has taught me so much about the power of social media to connect learning organizations while developing relationships across stakeholders. Thanks @TeacherCast for capturing the video of George's presentation.

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Launch of #pennedchat

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9/28/13 8:07 PM


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Innovation Needs Assessment Results Are In!

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9/13/13 4:52 AM

Greetings Mid Career Community!

In July 2013 MCDPEL students & faculty completed an Innovation Needs Assessment. The results of this survey have been summarized and the "needs" identified will be used for future training and support offerings.

If you'd like to chat about where you are technologically and set some goals for the year, let's plan to chat at the upcoming September weekend. I'm also available by appointment virtually between Mid-Career weekends.

As a reminder, here are some areas in which we can assist you moving forward...

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