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PAESSP President Talks Future of Ed/Leader Preparation Programs

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2/24/14 11:02 AM

Bill Ziegler

Dr. Bill Ziegler is a high school principal and President of the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary/Secondary School Principals. He was in attendance for MCDPEL's LIVE Global #SATCHAT hosted here on the PennGSE campus. Here are a few of Bill's takeaways.

It was so good to have the University of Pennsylvania’s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership host the nation’s largest weekend chat on education #Satchat. As I attended the chat, I was encouraged by the collective ideas to strengthen teacher and school leader programs. I was especially inspired by Penn GSE’s, doctoral student, Khalilah Harris, as she spoke about the need to engage African American students in the educational system.

I would recommend that Universities consider the following when it comes to Teacher and School Leader Preparation programs.

  • Digital Learning – Prepare teachers and school leaders to creatively educate students using a digital platform. Digital learning will empower teachers and school leaders to educate students beyond the four walls of their schools. Today’s educators must be equipped with the resources and skills to challenge a learner that can Google most answers in seconds. This requires a different type of learning that is creative, centered on real world problem solving, experiential, and entrepreneurial.

  • Marketing – In a time when schools must compete for students and dollars against charter, cyber, and private schools, it is more important than ever that schools promote their programs. This is not typical for schools as they have been accustomed to students simply attending their school because of residency. This requires school leaders to be skilled at marketing their school to prospective students and parents.

  • Social Savvy – Teachers and school leaders need to be highly skilled with social media resources such as Twitter, FB, Instagram, Tout, and many others. Universities need to be educating teachers and school leaders on how to use these tools to develop a professional learning community, build a community of learners in a school, communicate a message to a designated audience, and most of all to learn how to strengthen their teaching and leadership to enhance student learning.

  • Relationships – Teachers and school leaders need to be skilled at the soft skills of building relationships with people, working collaboratively, resolving conflict, and building trust with their team members. Teachers must build a classroom culture that values these skills, and school leaders need to have their school reflect a community that upholds the core values of the school.

Teachers and school leaders are faced with more challenges than ever; however, with the right tools, they can work together to help students find success and prepare every student for college and career readiness. Universities play a key role in the education of our youth as they mold the teacher in the classroom and the principal in the school.

You can interact with @DrBillZiegler who also co-moderates a weekly chat called #PAESSPchat every Thursday night. Here is a LIVE Tweetchat link. He and many other local leaders will also be in attendance at EdCamp Leadership, hosted by MCDPEL at PennGSE August 4, 2014.

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